How to Replace Your Birth Certificate in California

If you lost or misplaced your California birth certificate, you can order a replacement birth certificate from the California Department of Public Health. As of July 2010, you must request copies of birth certificates by mail in California. In some states, you can request a copy of a birth certificate in person, online or by phone, but you cannot do so in California.

Download an Application for Certified Copy of Birth Record from the California Department of Public Health website (see Resources) and fill it out completely.

Sign the sworn statement attached to the application in front of a notary public and have it notarized. This declares that you are eligible to receive a certified copy of a birth certificate. Birth records are not available to the general public in California, but people can request a copy of their own birth certificate or a birth certificate for their children.

Write a check or purchase a money order for $14 (as of July 2010).

Mail the completed application, notarized sworn statement, and check or money order to:

California Office of Vital Records

MS 5103

P.O. Box 997410

Sacramento, CA 95899-7410.

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