How to Obtain a California CHP DUI Report

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When the California Highway Patrol makes an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or DUI, an arrest report must be created by the arresting office. The arrest report contains all of the details of the incident, as well as a commentary of the events that took place. Once complete, the report is filed with the clerk of court for the California county in which the arrest was made. The report, like most court documents, becomes public record, accessible to anyone that wishes to view it.

Locate the address of the clerk of court in the county of the arrest. A list of the California county clerk of court locations has been provided in the Resources section of this article.

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Visit the criminal division of the clerk of court for the county of the arrest.

Provide the representative with as much information as is known about the arrest, including the case number, arrested party's name and date of birth, the date of the arrest and the charges, which in this case is DUI. Using this information, the representative will search for the file.

Inform the representative that you would like to obtain a copy of the arrest report once the file is located.

Provide the representative with the correct payment for copying the files. Often, the clerk of courts charges up to 50 cents per page copied. Many clerk of courts offices accept payment by cash or check. To verify the payment methods accepted, call the clerk of courts criminal division prior to visiting.