How to Find California Criminal Records

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If you are doing a background check in the state of California, one of the most important things to check is the criminal record. Those convicted of crimes in California may also want to view their criminal record. The information is available from the California court system.

Visit the website of California's Office of the Attorney General. In the section labeled "Helpful Guide for Californians," you will see a link for back ground check information. In the state of California, only people with a valid reason -- such as employment -- can access criminal records through the courts. The website has the application forms you need to fill out to request records.

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Visit the California Courts Online Self-Help Center. Here you will find information about making changes to your own criminal record, such as getting charges and convictions dismissed. If this is the reason you are searching for records, the Online Self-Help Center has all the forms you need to submit a request.

Visit the website of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation if you are searching for a current inmate. Use their inmate locator tools. The website also has information about parole dates and sex offender registries.

Be persistent and expect to wait a couple weeks for a response. The California Court system prefers to handle record requests by snail mail.