How to Find Out If You Have A Warrant In California

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A warrant for your arrest in California is not something to take lightly. Regardless of the reason, that warrant was issued so you can be arrested next time you visit California. You could have a warrant for numerous reasons, from a missed court date to not paying your parking tickets. Find out if you have a warrant in California by searching online or contacting the sheriff's department.

Do a search on the internet to find out if you have an outstanding warrant. Many counties in California offer an online database of warrants searchable by name. However, this information is limited to the specific county only.

Contact the clerk at the courthouse in the county where you may have a warrant out. Ask the clerk to help you find out. You can visit the courthouse to speak with the clerk, but you run the risk of getting arrested.

Call the sheriff's department in the county where you may have a warrant. Ask for the person in the records department, which is where data on outstanding warrants is kept.

Hire an online service that can help you find out whether or not you have an outstanding warrant. You will do less work, but unlike the other options, this choice will cost you money.



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