How to Find Out If You Have Warrants in Shasta County, California

By David Boyles - Updated March 20, 2018

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Shasta County, California makes information on warrants available for free. In the past, finding this information would require a trip to the county clerk's office. However, Shasta County now posts warrant information online. All you need is a few minutes of time and an internet connection.

Accessing Warrant Information Online

Access the Shasta County Court website (see Resources). Click on "Online Services" and then choose "Case Information" from the drop-down menu. Search by case number if you have it. Otherwise, search by name or date. View and print your warrant record.

Accessing Warrant Information in Person

Go to the Shasta County Court Clerk's office, 1500 Court St., Redding, California. Give your name, driver's license number and date of birth to clerk. Pay the appropriate processing fees for copies of records.


Accessing information online can be more convenient than going to the courthouse.

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