How to File a Police Report in Milwaukee City

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Confirm that you meet the criteria for completing a police report online at the City of Milwaukee's website. To complete an online police report, the incident you are reporting must not be an emergency and must have occurred within the Milwaukee City limits with no known suspects. In addition, the incident must not have occurred on a state freeway.

Ensure you have an e-mail address. In order to complete a police report online, you must have a valid e-mail address.

Visit the Online Reporting System webpage on the City of Milwaukee's website. You can report a harassing or obscene phone call, lost property and vandalism using the online reporting tool. You will be asked to complete contact information and submit details about the incident, as well as identify whether the incident occurred against an individual or a business.

Print a copy of the police report. After completing and submitting the police report, you can print a copy of the report for your records. The report will include a case number. Police will review the report and you will be contacted if further investigation is needed.



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