How to Write a Letter for an Administrative Hearing

Administrative hearings are held in front of a judge, but there is no jury.
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If you wish to request an administrative hearing or have been invited to one, you'll need to send a letter to the office in question. You should have a number of days to do so. The letter should be fairly formal, brief and to the point. As administrative hearings can be like civil trials, you may want to consult a lawyer to help write your letter, though it's not essential for an acknowledgment letter.

Step 1

Use standard-size paper and type your letter. Write the date on the top left. The date must refer to the day you are writing.

Step 2

Below the date, write the name and address of the office, using separate lines for the name and each part of the address.

Step 3

Leave a couple of lines and write "RE:" followed by the subject of the notice the office sent to you. Type any reference number given on the next line.

Step 4

Use the first paragraph to say you received the notice of the hearing. There is no need to start with a "Dear Sir or Madam."

Step 5

Write more details about your case in the second paragraph. Explain why you require, or were required to have, an administrative hearing. Detail any additional requests.

Step 6

Close the letter by asking to be contacted either by phone or mail. Thank the recipient and finish with a paragraph, on the bottom left, with your name, address and phone number.


  • Try to use a computer or typewriter.
  • Type your name and also sign the letter.

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