How to Write a Letter for an Administrative Hearing

By Ngalula Kabutakapua
Administrative hearings are held in front of a judge, but there is no jury.

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If you wish to request an administrative hearing or have been invited to one, you'll need to send a letter to the office in question. You should have a number of days to do so. The letter should be fairly formal, brief and to the point. As administrative hearings can be like civil trials, you may want to consult a lawyer to help write your letter, though it's not essential for an acknowledgment letter.

Use standard-size paper and type your letter. Write the date on the top left. The date must refer to the day you are writing.

Below the date, write the name and address of the office, using separate lines for the name and each part of the address.

Leave a couple of lines and write "RE:" followed by the subject of the notice the office sent to you. Type any reference number given on the next line.

Use the first paragraph to say you received the notice of the hearing. There is no need to start with a "Dear Sir or Madam."

Write more details about your case in the second paragraph. Explain why you require, or were required to have, an administrative hearing. Detail any additional requests.

Close the letter by asking to be contacted either by phone or mail. Thank the recipient and finish with a paragraph, on the bottom left, with your name, address and phone number.

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