How to Write a Letter of Direction

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There are various reasons why you may want to write a letter of direction. They are commonly used as a form of communication guiding the rights and privileges of the receiver. Some letters of direction are seen by executors of wills requiring proof that they are in control of an estate and also by accountants and financial brokers, when requiring power of attorney for a client. In these cases, it gives the responsible parties written direction, similar to that of a letter of assignment.

Use 1.5 inch margin and justify line to left.

Write first name, middle initial with period after, and last name.

Double space and write street address on first line underneath name. Next, hit "return," and type state, city, and zip code on second line. In some cases address is replaced with position and place of person you are addressing.

Write greeting, such as "Dear John," 5 line spaces below name and address.

Double space and begin letter.

Separate paragraphs with double space. The last paragraph is followed by closing. Double space and type your name. If you have a title, that can follow on the next line. If you are sending via United States Post Office, sign letter above typed name.

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