How to Renew a Chilean Passport in the US

It is possible to renew your Chilean passport when living in the United States.
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If you have been in the U.S. for several years, your passport could be approaching its expiration date. The process to renew a Chilean passport in the U.S. can take several months, so do not delay as the expiration date nears. Be prepared to provide your old passort, additional Chilean identification, such as your Identity Card and the required fee.

Make an appointment to appear in person at one of the Chilean consulates within the U.S. Chilean consulates are located in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. Details on the location and telephone number of each consulate can be found on the "Chile Abroad" website.

Make a copy of your old passport since you may have to surrender the original at the consulate. Appear at the consulate on the date and time of your appointment.

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Submit your old Chilean passport or your Chilean identity card to order your new passport. Pay the appropriate fee. In 2010, the fee is $103 for a passport renewal.

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