How to Remove a Name From a Property Deed in Maryland

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To remove your name from a property deed in Maryland, convey your interest to the other people listed as owners on the deed. A quit claim deed is fastest and easiest.

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Removing a name from a property deed in Maryland or any other state means that the person being removed has to transfer his interest in the property to other other owners using a deed.

Requirements for Deeds in Maryland

To remove a name from a property deed in Maryland, use any type of deed that is valid and enforceable to convey your interest in the property to the other owners.

For property conveyance deeds to be enforceable in Maryland, they must be in writing, executed and recorded. The person granting the interest must sign the deed and acknowledge the signature before a judge of a court of record, a clerk or deputy clerk of a court, a notary public or a master in chancery. The officer taking the acknowledgement must attach a certificate to the deed.

To record a deed in Maryland, attach a completed Intake Sheet to the deed. You must also pay the transfer tax. Record real estate deeds with the Recorder of Deeds in the Circuit Court in whichever Maryland county the property is located.

Removing a Name from House Deeds

Removing your name or the name of any consenting individual from a property deed in Maryland is a simple matter of filing a quit claim deed. Unlike warranty deeds, quit claim deeds do not make any guarantees about the size or type of interest conveyed. Rather, quit claim deeds convey all of the interest a person has in the property, whether that be a life estate, a 50 percent interest or a 1 percent interest. A quit claim deed also conveys title with any and all encumbrances attached, including mortgages and tax liens.

This limitation makes accepting a quit claim deed risky for someone buying from a stranger. The buyer might think that he is purchasing a larger interest than the grantor is actually conveying. But when you are quitclaiming your interest to other current owners, the transaction does not carry much risk.

Preparing a Quit Claim in Maryland

It's easy enough to draw up a quit claim deed in Maryland, and quit claim deed forms are easy to find online. The trick to preparing a quit claim in Maryland is that quit claim procedures, attachments and formatting vary from county to county in this state.

You can visit the Circuit Court in the county in which the property is located and request a quit claim form. But you can also search for the form on Enter the name of the county in the search box and get a form and some instructions for proper preparation of the quit claim.

Before you go through the trouble, look up the recorded deed to be sure your name is on the deed and confirm the other owners to whom you will transfer your interest. You can do this online at Public Searches Maryland Land Records and Deeds Search. The website lists the counties alphabetically, then provides a search engine for deeds in that county. If it happens that your county doesn't have a searchable database, call the office or visit it in person to request the deed.