How to Transfer a Deed in Texas

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Transferring a deed in Texas requires writing a document specifying the grantee and grantor and land conveyed.

Transferring a deed in Texas requires writing out a document specifying the transfer, a description of the property changing hands and the names of the people giving and receiving property, or the grantor and grantee. When a copy of this document is acknowledged by a notary and presented to the receiver, the process is complete.

Choose the type of deed you need to draft. A general warranty deed tells the grantee a property is free of any title claims. A special warranty deed limits the promise of a free and clear title to the time period the grantor owned the property.

Write a transfer document by entering in the date of the deed transfer and the grantor and grantee names. The grantor is the person who is transferring the deed. The grantee is the person the deed is being transferred to.

List where the property is located, including the street address and subdivision. This information is necessary in order to document the land or property being conveyed. If a full, legal description exists on a prior deed, transfer that information to the transfer document.

Take the Texas warranty or special warranty deed form to a notary so that the grantor and grantee can sign it in front of a witness. If you are not sure where to find a notary, try a local bank, copy shop or title and loan institution.

Submit the completed and signed Texas Warranty Deed form to the local county clerk's office of the register of deeds. The Texas Secretary of State website has a location list for each county. Filing fees vary by county, but average around $25 per page. For example, Collins County charges $26 for the first page of a deed, $4 for additional pages and 25 cents for each name to be indexed on the deed in excess of five.



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