How to Record a Property Deed in Maricopa County, Ariz.

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The last step in completing a real estate transaction is often recording the deed with your local recorder's office. In Maricopa County, Arizona, you can do this at either the main office in Phoenix, at 111 S. Third Avenue, or in Mesa at 222 E. Javelina Avenue. The recorder will need your original deed or a legible copy with original signatures. Once recorded, the deed will become a matter of public record.

Proper Formatting and Fee Required

The first step in registering your property deed in Maricopa County is making sure it is formatted correctly. State law requires the document to be signed and dated and to include a caption identifying it as a property deed. The deed cannot be larger than 8.5 inches wide and 14 inches long, must have at least one-half inch margins across top, bottom, left and right, and must be rendered in a font at least 10-point in size. If you don't want to create the deed from scratch, you can often find ready-made templates meeting state formatting requirements online or in local office supply stores. Once your deed is prepared, take it to the Maricopa County Recorder's Office. The recording fee for a simple property deed is $9, as of 2014. The recorder makes a digital image of the deed before returning it to you. It then becomes a matter of public record. After 10 to 15 days, the information from your deed will be searchable using the recorder's online database.

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