How to Change Your Last Name in Oklahoma After Divorce

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After finalizing a divorce in Oklahoma, it is relatively easy to restore your former name. It can be time-consuming, but the process is simple.

Instructions to Change Name

While you are in the midst of divorce proceedings, be sure to inform the judge that your intent is to change your name. Usually, a judge will include a formal request to restore your previous name in your divorce decree. In Oklahoma it is generally understood that a divorce proceeding will include a name change. Be sure to obtain a certified copy of your divorce decree.

Although a judge has given you the paperwork to change your name, it is up to you to make sure your name change is processed in the correct places. When beginninging the process of your name change, it would be prudent to start with the Department of Motor Vehicles and then Social Security Administration. That way you will have a valid driver's license and social security card with your new name. You will need to go in person to change your name. While at the DMV, you would be able to change your car registration as well. Consider calling ahead to schedule an appointment to save time.

Next, contact businesses such as your employer, banks, utilities, creditors and your insurance company to notify them of your name change. Each business will have specific requirements regarding name changes. Some companies will only require a phone call, others a fax copy and some will require you to send in a certified copy. You will have to contact each business to determine their specific policy.

Tell your friends and family that you would no longer like to be called by your married name and inform them of the name that you would prefer. Consider ordering new business cards, stationary or any other personal items that may have had your married name on them.


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