How to Change a Name in Houston

Changing your name in Houston is an easy task.
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If you do not like your name, want to add a suffix, or have any other reason to change your name, making the change in Houston is an easy endeavor. However, there are still requirements you must meet and actions you must take before you can legally change your name. To legally change your name, you must go to Harris County District Court. Remember to change the name on your other legal documents after you successfully change your name.

Check to make sure you fulfill the requirements for a change of name. These requirements are that you are a resident of Houston and you are an adult (or have your parents' permission to change your name).

Make sure your chosen new name fulfills the requirements for a new name. That is, your new name is not the same as that of a known public figure or celebrity and is not a lewd word. You must also state your reason for a change of name, so that the courts know it is not to avoid debt.

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Go to the Harris County District Court closest to you.

Obtain the Request Change of Name application form and fill it out.

File the Request Change of Name form and pay the $217 filing fee. You will need to show proof of residence and identification while doing so.

Wait for the name change certificate from the court that your application was accepted. This may take up to six months, depending on the courthouse.

Use your proof of name change to change the name on your other documents. Some important documents to change your name on include your passport, driver's license and Social Security card.


  • If you do not want to go through the legal work to change your name, you can still change your name by mere usage of the new name. Inform those you know of your new name, and begin using your new name in your daily life. However, be aware that change of name by usage does not change your legal name.

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