How to Fill Out the Adjustment of Status Form I-485

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The Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, is completed by a person residing in the United States and wants to adjust his resident status or register for permanent residency. This form is also used when filing I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Form I-485 has six pages that must be completed correctly to adjust resident status.

Complete Part 1, which is your personal information. This includes name, address, birth date, Social Security number, country of nationality or citizenship, date of last arrival in the United States, country of birth and your current U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services status and expiration date.

Check the appropriate box that best describes the reason why you are applying for an adjustment of your permanent residence status in Part 2, application type.

Complete Part 3 of form I-485, which is information used for processing the adjustment status. Some of the information asked are your mother and fathers names, occupation, your exact name as it appears on form I-94, which is your arrival/departure record and your visa number and date of issue. List your spouse and any children and their date of birth.

Complete Part 3 section C if you have ever had any affiliation with any organizations in the United States including clubs, societies or military since your 16th birthday. Give the name and location of the organization as well as your membership dates. Check "yes" or "no" boxes from Part 3 section C line 1 through 18 as they apply to you.

Complete Part 4, accommodations for individuals with disabilities and/or impairments if you are deaf, blind or have another disability.

Read and check the boxes in Part 5 as they apply to you. Sign the form, print your full name, date the form and include your telephone number. If you used an interpreter, he must sign and the form underneath your signature. If you used a third party to prepare the I-485 form, that person must complete Part 6.


  • Complete honesty is vital when completing the I-485 form.


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