How to Get Proof That You Were Released From Prison

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Get proof that you were released from prison by contacting the State Department for Justice, calling the prison, or speaking with your probation officer.

Obtaining proof that you were released from prison is rarely a hassle and usually can be done with a call to the prison or the state Department of Justice. Your probation officer or attorney can also provide evidence of your release. Keeping proof of a legal prison release is important, since you may need these papers in order to be accepted to a job or apartment, to get help from social services, and to resume your voting rights.

Contact the State Department of Justice

The Department of Justice in the state in which you were incarcerated will have your prison record on file, including the date of your release. They should be able to send another copy of your release paperwork, which may be called a discharge certificate. Search the internet for the department of justice in your state, which should pull a telephone number and other contact details.

Call the Prison

Call the prison where you were held. They should be able to provide you with official release papers proving the date you were legally discharged. You may have to visit the prison and collect the papers in person.

Ask Your Probation Officer or Attorney

Ask your probation officer if you have one. He will have your case file and can give you documentation proving your release. If you have an attorney, she may have papers showing your release if she represented you during your case, or she can help you acquire them from the prison authorities.


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