How to Find Out the Date of a Conviction

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Conviction history, along with any other legal history, is public information. You can find a date of a conviction by searching through public and court documents. In many states, this information is available online and often free of charge. There are also websites and services that will provide background information for a fee. In rare cases, you may need to contact the clerk of the courts to determine date of conviction. The process for finding a date of conviction will vary by state and county.

Obtain Information About the Conviction

If you can find out in what county the conviction took place, you will be able to find information about the date of conviction through public records.

Go Online

Log on to the county’s website to look into public records if you know where the conviction took place. There may be arrest records available. Review the local court’s website or the county jail’s website. Many times, there will be information on criminal trials on court websites. In some areas, you can find information on arrests including conviction date on jail or prison websites.

Search by Name in the Public Records

To narrow your results, you can add birth date or Social Security number if known. For free searches, you may get only limited information or have to navigate through a large database to find your information.

Contact the County Clerk

Call or visit the county clerk of the courts if you know where the conviction took place. In some jurisdictions, you may obtain the information you need quickly this way. You may have to fill out a form to request the information.

Use a Background Search

Many websites will provide you with background information for a fee. Find one that will specifically list convictions with dates before you purchase the information.This will help if you don't know where the conviction took place or don't have the time to wade through public records.


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