How to Return RMV Plates in Massachusetts

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When you sell a car in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you must return your license plates to a branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Once you return your plates, you will receive a plate return receipt, which you must then show to your insurance company so that you can cancel your car insurance as well. Massachusetts also allows you to mail your plates to an RMV branch if you are not able to visit one in person.

Take your plates to an RMV branch that processes registrations. You can hand them to a clerk in person, who will then give you a plate return receipt.

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Visit the RMV website and provide your license plate number and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Fill out the form with your driver's license number, your registration number (which is found on your vehicle's registration) and your license plate number.

Print out your plate return receipt and take it to your insurance agent so you can cancel your insurance. Drop your plates in a padded envelope, addressed to your local RMV branch.

Provide your vehicle's FID number if it is a leased vehicle, along with your email address. Proceed with the plate return forms, and print out your plate return receipt to take to your insurance agent.

Complete a Lost Plate Affidavit Form if your plates have been lost or stolen. Take the form to your local RMV branch, and it will mail a stamped copy to your address, which you must then send a photocopy of to your insurance company.