How to Renew a Handicap Placard in Massachusetts

By Jalisa Summerville - Updated April 07, 2017

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Some people have temporary or permanent disabling conditions requiring preferential parking and closer access to facilities. A medical placard can be placed inside of their vehicles to use designated handicapped parking spaces. In Massachusetts, placards may require a renewal process that can be completed by following a few short steps.

Temporary Placards (Two to 24 Months)

Log on to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website. Click “RMV” and locate “Forms” on the left-hand side of the web page. Since the placard is temporary, you must obtain certification from a medical professional requesting a time extension for the placard or documentation that the parking privilege should be made permanent.

Click “Disabled Placard and Plate Form,” and select “Application for Disabled Parking/ Placard Plate.”

Download and complete the first page of the application. Take both pages of the application to a chiropractor, doctor or registered nurse (licensed by the state of Massachusetts only). The medical professional must complete and sign the second page of the form. You may also request a recent statement from your health care professional written on letterhead. It must include your clinical diagnosis, the expected time frame for needing the placard and a statement about how your condition impacts operating an automobile.

Visit the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles and return your completed application, or mail it to the address listed on the website.

Permanent Placards (Five Years)

Update your address with the Registry of Motor Vehicles if you have recently moved or changed your mailing address. Check your home or post office mailbox for your renewal placard. The placard will be mailed approximately one month before the expected expiration date. Hang the placard inside your vehicle immediately to avoid a citation for having an expired hang tag.

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