How to Get a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon in Massachusetts

How to Get a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is a restrictive "may issue" state. A carry and conceal weapon (CCW) permit may be issued to a qualified applicant who can justify a sufficient need for one. The following steps will show you how to obtain a CCW in Massachusetts.

Apply for the Class A license. The Class B license in Massachusetts does not allow you to carry concealed handguns. You will be required to justify your request in writing. Make your request as detailed and specific as possible. Valid reasons for requesting a concealed handgun include personal threats, being in a high-risk profession or routinely carrying large amounts of cash.

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Take an approved training course given by the NRA or a Massachusetts state certified instructor.

Obtain an application from your issuing authority. This is your police chief or state police if you are a resident. If you are not a resident, you will need to contact the Firearms Record Bureau at (617) 660-4780.

Submit the following documents to your issuing authority if you are a resident: the completed application; a copy of your driver's license or ID card; a copy of your birth certificate or passport; two fingerprint cards; two passport photographs; the license fee; proof of residency (may be a utility or cable bill); a training course certificate taken within the last year and a statement justifying your need for a handgun license.

Send in the following documents to the Firearms Record Bureau if you are a non-resident: the completed application; one fingerprint card; one blank license; the license fee; two passport photographs; letter from the police chief (not needed if you have a CCW permit in your home state); a copy of both sides of your home CCW permit (if available); a training course certificate taken within the last year and a report from your home state Bureau of Criminal Records listing your arrest record.

Receive your license within 40 days. If it is denied, you have 90 days to petition the district court for a review. Permits for residents are good for four years and a non-resident permit lasts for one year.

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