How to Register a Homemade Trailer in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has relatively relaxed trailer registration laws and policies when compared with most other states. Noncommercial use trailers in Oklahoma do not require any registration, so whether or not you want to register your homemade trailer is entirely up to you. If you do want to register your trailer, you can do so through the Oklahoma Tax Commission motor vehicle department.

Designate your trailer as a commercial or non-commercial trailer. If you use the trailer for commercial purposes, meaning you use it for your business, you must register it with the state of Oklahoma.

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Register your commercial trailer by going to your local branch of the Oklahoma Tax Commission office and paying a $46 registration fee. You will receive a trailer plate. You do not need a title to register the trailer.

Register noncommercial trailers by going to your local Oklahoma Tax Commission branch office and paying the noncommercial trailer registration fee of $7. You will receive a license plate for the trailer. You do not need to have a title to register it.


  • Print out the Oklahoma Non-Commercial Trailer Letter if you plan to take your trailer out of state, as other states have stricter trailer registration laws and require trailers to have specific tags and registration paperwork.

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