Kansas ATV Laws

An ATV such as this must be registered by its owner in Kansas.
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ATVs are considered motor vehicles in Kansas so they are regulated by, and registered with, the Kansas Department of Revenue, the state agency regulating vehicular matters. Restriction are placed on where ATVs may be ridden and under what circumstances. These laws are in place to better protect the safety of Kansas citizens, both on and off ATVs


You must register an ATV and receive a title from the Kansas Department of Revenue. Since ATVs are not designed for use on streets, they are classified as a non-highway vehicle. If you wish to sell or trade-in an ATV, it has to be titled in your name. If you bought an ATV, you have a maximum of 30 days to apply for a title. However, If you've owned your ATV since Jun. 30, 1996, or earlier, you don't need a title for your ATV.

Use on Streets

It is illegal to use your ATV on any federal interstate, federal highway or state highway. It is also illegal to use an ATV on the streets within the limits of a city of the first class. The Kansas Code classifies any city with a population of more than 15,000 as a city of the first class. This ban on city streets can be overridden if a particular city makes a ruling allowing the use of ATVs.


It is illegal to ride your ATV on any public road between sunset and sunrise unless your ATV has been fitted with a functioning headlight and taillight.

Operator Restrictions

There are essentially no restrictions on who may operate an ATV. There is no license requirement instituted by the Kansas Department of Revenue, nor is there an established age limit for operators.

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