Health Regulations for a Concession Trailer in Oklahoma

Concession trailers provide food items to consumers at job sites.
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Food vending trailers are a common sight in Oklahoma. If you want to open your own mobile kitchen or food vending service, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has specific guidelines regarding business licensing, food safety standards and personnel food handling license requirements that you must follow.

Business License

All mobile kitchens that prepare or sell food are required to obtain a license issued by the State Commissioner of Health. The license expires annually on June 30. The cost for an initial license is $350 while the fee to renew an existing license is $250.

Food Safety Standards

Operators of concession trailers are required to keep all food items protected from contaminants during its storage, preparation, and display. Cold food must be maintained at a temperature of 41 degrees or below, hot food must be maintained at a temperature of 140 degrees or above and foods labeled "frozen" must be kept in a frozen state.

Personnel Requirements

Employees of mobile food establishments are required to have a food handler's permit licensed by the State Department of Health. They must maintain proper hygiene, keep their nails trimmed and hair restrained and not eat or use tobacco products in the service area.

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