How to Renew Passports at the Post Office

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To renew your U.S. passport book or card, you must have received it less than 15 years ago, have been at least 16 years old when your most recent passport was issued, and the passport must not have been lost or stolen. You can renew your U.S. passport by mail or at a local United States Postal Service office. Since you are renewing the passport, you won't have to pay the post office acceptance fee.

Step 1

Complete the "U.S. Passport Renewal Application for Eligible Individuals," form DS-82. This form is available at your local post office or online at the U.S. State Department's website. Enter your full name, date of birth, mailing address, passport issue date, passport number and all other applicable information.

Step 2

Take a passport photo to include with your application. The photo must be two inches wide and two inches tall. You must submit a new photo with your application, as your current passport photo can't be reused. You can get a passport photo at a photography studio and at some post office locations. There is a fee for the passport photo.

Step 3

Submit your current U.S. passport with the completed application at the local post office. If your name has changed, you must also submit a court order or marriage certificate that supports the name change.

Step 4

Pay the renewal fee of $110 for a passport book or $30 for a passport card at the post office. If you pay with a check or money order, make it payable to the "Department of State." You can also pay with cash or a credit card. The post office will mail your application, passport photo and fees to the State Department. It will take about four to six weeks to process your application, but you can pay an additional $60 for expedited services. All prices are as of March 2011.


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