How to Find out My Traffic Ticket Number Without the Ticket in Alabama

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If you received a traffic ticket in Alabama, but lost that ticket, you can retrieve the ticket number by contacting the municipal court in the city or county in which you got the ticket. Some municipal courts, like those in Montgomery County, have online search engines to help you find your ticket or citation number.

Traffic Tickets in Alabama

If you are issued a traffic ticket in Alabama, information about your offense will be written on the ticket. The ticket sets out the traffic violation you are charged with and where the offenses are said to have occurred. The ticket will also tell you where to submit a plea – innocent or guilty – and the deadline for doing it. You'll also be notified on the ticket whether or not you have to appear in court.

The ticket number, sometimes called the citation number, is located in the upper right-hand corner of the ticket. You will need that number to pay a traffic ticket fine online or to enter a plea. But if you lose the ticket, don't worry. The court authorities have the number and will provide it to you.

Search Using Online Search Engine

You may be able to figure out your Alabama ticket number without leaving home. The court systems in large cities and counties in Alabama provide search engines that allow you to search for your ticket on the internet.

If you were cited for a traffic offense in Montgomery County, for example, the county court system provides a way you can find ticket information online. Search by entering your first and last name to find tickets, citations and cases.

Contact City or County Court

If you received a citation in an Alabama city or county that does not have an online search engine, contact the court system in that city or county. For example, the City of Birmingham Municipal Court allows you to pay tickets online with the ticket numbers.

The website notes that if you have forgotten the ticket number, you can contact the court. It provides phone numbers, hours to call, and, for those who prefer to use the internet, an email address: "Phone 205-254-2152 or 205-254-2153 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or contact us by email using the link at the top right of this screen (Contact Us)."

Pay Your Ticket Online

Once you obtain your traffic ticket number, you can pay the ticket online. The state provides a website, Alabama Traffic Call Center, where you can select the appropriate county where you got the ticket and pay the fine or find out how to appeal the ticket.

You can also telephone the Alabama Traffic Call Center at 866-954-9399.

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