How to Find Out If I Have a Warrant in Blount County, Alabama

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When someone commits a crime in Blount County, Ala., a warrant is issued for their arrest. This applies to all crimes -- from homicide to skipping a court appearance. It is possible to find out if you have an outstanding warrant, but be prepared to be arrested on the spot if there is.

Gather your photo identification. The sheriff's office will only disclose this information if you have identification with you. A driver's license, state identification card or passport will suffice.

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Visit the Blount County Sheriff's Office at 225 Industrial Park Road in Oneonta. The office is on the south side of town, just east of St. Vincent's Hospital.


Present your identification to the person working at the reception desk and ask if you have a warrant out for your arrest. They will check your name against the list of active warrants. The sheriff's office does not disclose this information over the phone and the courts refer people seeking information about warrants to the sheriff's office.



  • Prepare to be arrested on the spot if you do have a warrant out for your arrest.

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