How to Pay an Alabama Speeding Ticket

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Failure to pay your Alabama traffic ticket could lead to revocation of your licenses or jail time. If you do not agree with your traffic citation, you must dispute your traffic ticket with an in court appearance on the scheduled date noted on your ticket. Otherwise, you may pay your traffic ticket fine in person, online or through the mail. Understand that by paying your traffic ticket without contesting the citation means you are pleading guilty to the traffic offense, which could lead to higher car insurance rates and negative marks on your driving record.

Visit Alabama’s Traffic Service Center website and select the county in which you received the traffic ticket from the drop down menu or by clicking the county on the state map (see "Resources"). The website will send you to a page that details various methods you can use to pay your traffic ticket fine.

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Pay the ticket by mail at the county clerk office identified on the Alabama Traffic Service Center website for the selected county or listed on the actual traffic ticket. Make the money order payable to the county’s clerks office.

Visit the county clerks office at the county courthouse listed on the ticket or on the Alabama Traffic Service Center website for the selected county. You may pay your fine with cash or a money order; personal checks are not accepted for payments. Make the money order payable to the county courthouse when paying your fine in person.

Make a payment online for your Alabama traffic ticket if the Alabama Traffic Service Center website highlights online payments as an option for your county. You must wait up to two weeks before using the online payment system as it usually takes this amount of time for traffic tickets to appear in the online system. With your traffic ticket handy, visit to access Alabama’s judicial system online payment website (see "Resources").

Click “traffic ticket” on the main menu and enter the UTC letter and UTC number identified on the ticket as well as our birth month and year. The system will search for your ticket and return the fine for your traffic violation, you may then pay your fine with a debit or credit card.