How to Pull a Title on a Property in Illinois

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Finding a copy of the title to your home or someone else's is something that anyone can do. Property titles are a matter of public record in Illinois, and the recorder of deeds office for the county where the property is located will most likely have a copy of the title. Before you pull the title, you must know the address and the name of the owner, which are also public record.

Find out as much information as possible about the property before you try to pull the title. The "Chicago Tribune" website has a public records search to help you locate the owner of a property if you know the address or locate the address of a property if you know the owner's name. This website lists several counties near Chicago, so if your county is not on the list, you can find the same information by contacting the county assessor's office.

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Contact the recorder of deeds office for the county in which the property is located. This office is usually located in the county's government office building or courthouse.

Ask the attendant at the office for a copy of any public information available for the property in question. The attendant will search for records and give you a copy of the title, blueprints or any other documents they may have. The office is required to give you this information, but you may be charged a small fee to make copies of the documents.

Determine who holds the loan on the property. The recorder of deeds office may have this information. Contact the company or person who holds the loan and inquire about getting a copy of the title. You may be required to have the owner's permission to get a copy of the title.

Contact the owner of the home if you cannot pull the title from other sources. There is a good chance that the owner has a copy and may be willing to share it with you, depending on your intent.