How to Order a Property Deed From Cook County, Illinois

By Trish Jackson
Real estate deeds are archived in county and city offices.

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Property deeds are used to record the transfer of property ownership. Anyone can access them because they are public records. In Cook County, Illinois, you can obtain a property deed at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office.

Gather information about the property. Get at least one of the following: name of the owner or previous owner; deed number; legal description of the property; tax assessor's property identification number, or PIN; trust number, if owned by a trust; or the name of the subdivision.

Go to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds website and click on "search menu". Click the link pertaining to the information you have and fill out the form, and click "search." Click on the document you are seeking. You may view the document online if you download the special viewer shown on the website. You may print it from the website, but if you wish to have a hard copy you can order a copy online and pay with a credit card. The cost of documents varies according to the number of pages. The website does not support Macintosh or older PC operating systems.

Call the deeds office and order a copy of the deed if you are unable to obtain the information online. The number is 312-603-5050.

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