How to Find Out if My NC License is Suspended

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A party can learn if his North Carolina driver’s license is suspended by visiting myDMV, the official website of the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV). A party enters identifying data, including his driver’s license number, the last four digits of his Social Security number and his birthdate, to look up information about his license. A party can also visit or call a NCDMV office.

Other Ways to Discover License Suspension

A party can look for a mailed notification of suspension from the NCDMV. She can call her auto insurance carrier to ask whether her license has been suspended. A party with a court case that could affect her license can ask her attorney to check whether her license is suspended.

A party can send a notarized request for a search of her name to the National Driver Register, a division of the National Center for Statistics and Analysis under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What Is a License Suspension?

A driver’s license suspension involves the temporary withdrawal of a party’s driving privileges. The term of the suspension differs based on the reason for the suspension. The party can get his license reinstated after he has fulfilled the terms of the suspension.

Getting a license reinstated involves applying for a license at a NCDMV office. Some suspensions require proof of insurance at the time of reinstatement.

Why a License Can Be Suspended

A party may have her license suspended for a criminal charge of driving while impaired or driving with a suspended or revoked license. The severity of these offenses depends on the circumstances of the incident and the party’s criminal history. A party can also have her license suspended for speeding. This offense can be a ticketed infraction or a misdemeanor, depending on the number of miles over the speed limit the party was driving.

A party can have her license suspended for accumulation of points, a moving violation while the license is suspended and various other reasons.

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Revocation Is Different From Suspension

A driver’s license revocation is the termination of a party’s driving privileges. A party can reinstate his license if he meets eligibility requirements and the conditions or terms as set out in a hearing by the NCDMV. It can be helpful for a party to hire an attorney to represent him at the hearing.

Learn About Limited Driving Privilege

A party whose license has been suspended may be eligible to get a limited driving privilege. This is a document signed by a judge that allows the party to drive for certain limited purposes, such as driving to and from work. A party who violates the conditions of the privilege may be charged with driving with a revoked license.

Suspension for Failure to Appear

The NCDMV will indefinitely suspend the driving privileges of a party who fails to appear for court or fails to pay fines owed to the court. The first step of getting a license reinstated is to contact the court for which the party failed to appear or pay fines. After the party has achieved compliance, she should contact the NCDMV to check whether she is eligible to reinstate her license.

Suspensions Related to Traffic Cases

When a party does not show up for a mandatory court date in a traffic case, the court will mark his case “called and failed." After 20 days, the court will issue a failure to appear against the party, which results in the suspension of the party’s license. The party will be required to pay an additional fee if he is found guilty or responsible for the offense.

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