How to Check Traffic Tickets Online

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You can often find your traffic ticket on the official court website of the jurisdiction where you got the ticket. Commercial sites offer less-reliable results.

If you misplace a traffic ticket, you can often find it on the official court website of the jurisdiction where you got the ticket. Commercial websites offer less-reliable tools to check tickets online. Once you locate your ticket online, you can decide whether you want to pay or contest the fine. Even if you have misplaced your paper ticket, you are still responsible for paying the fine.

Official State Websites

If a state-level police officer issued your ticket, you can often find the ticket on an official state government or court website. For example, the Texas Department of Public Safety lets you search online for a ticket that the Texas Highway Patrol issued within the previous 24 months. Online traffic ticket search pages typically require you to provide your driver's license number, name and date of birth. Be precise when you enter this data, because it must match the information on your driver's license.

Official County Websites

If a sheriff or local police officer issued the traffic ticket, you may be able to find ticket information on the official county government or court website. Search tools such as the "myeClerk" system in Orange County, Florida, let you search for a variety of court records, including traffic violations. County websites often let you search for a ticket by name, date range, license plate number or citation number, if available.

Commercial Websites

Third-party commercial websites offer another way to check traffic tickets online. These websites are not as reliable as official government websites and usually do not guarantee accurate results. Commercial websites such as Instant Checkmate gather information from publicly available records and are not authorized by courts or government agencies. If you choose to search for a ticket on a commercial site, you will have to pay a search or subscription fee and provide information such as name and state.


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