How to Find Out if My NC License is Suspended

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To find out if your driver's license has been suspended, you must obtain your driving record by going to the DMV.

Compared to many other states, North Carolina imposes harsh periods of license suspension for traffic offenses. The state has particularly strict penalties for speeding and participating in any way in prearranged racing, including watching highway races. If you accumulate 12 Driver License Points in three years, the Division of Motor Vehicles can suspend your license to drive. If the DMV takes away your license, it will notify you at the address it has on file. To know the status of your license, you must obtain your driving record.

Go Online

If you do not have a state PIN or personal identification number, apply for one following the instructions in the left column. With a PIN, under "Driving Records" in the left column, click on "Order a Record." Complete the information requested. You will receive a non-certified record on payment of $8 by Visa or MasterCard.

Use the Mail

Download the "Driver Privacy Protection Act Request Form" from the DMV site. Complete it. Verify the information. Print it. Mail it to the address in Raleigh specified on the form. Enclose a check for $8 drawn from a North Carolina bank. You will receive your record within 10 business days. Alternatively, you can visit the DMV Headquarters building at 1100 New Bern Ave. in Raleigh, North Carolina. Complete the "Driver Privacy Protection Act Request Form." Pay the $8 fee by cash or check drawn on a North Carolina bank.


  • You may have the right to a hearing to object to the removal of your license to drive. Contact the DMV in Raleigh for more information.

    If you have a question about the driving record you've received, call the Traffic Records Section at 919-861-3062.



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