How to Find a Colorado Driver's License Number

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Getting access to your Colorado state driver's license number is relatively straightforward. Simply mail an information request to the Division of Motor Vehicles along with a government-issued picture ID with a signature, such as a passport. You can also get access to the driving records of third parties in Colorado, as long as you have their permission.

Fill Out An Application Form

Download and print out a copy of Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles Form DR 2489. This form must be completed for you to have access to driving record information of the third party, including license number. Typically, the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles limits release of this information to those who have a "permissible use" for such information, and such entities include governmental agencies, employers and insurers. However, if you are not one of these entities and you, nonetheless, get the written consent of the person (third party) whose record you want access to, then such information will be made available to you once the form is adequately completed and submitted. Or you can have the third party fill out and sign the form himself.

Mail the Request

Mail the information request to the state motor vehicles department. Enclose the fee of $10 for a certified record or $9 for a non-certified record along with the filled-out form and a copy of your picture ID, and mail this information and payment to the Division of Motor Vehicles, Driver Control, 1881 Pierce St., Lakewood, CO 80261. Include a return address to which the information can be mailed.

Visit the State Motor Vehicles Department Office

Present the required information, including the form, fee and ID copy, in person at a state motor vehicles department office. Go to the Division of Motor Vehicles, Driver Control, 1881 Pierce St., Lakewood, CO, if you are in the area, and present the information to the desk clerk. Otherwise, go to the office nearest you.

Obtain the License Number in Person

Provide required information to the state motor vehicles department in person to get a copy of your own driver's license number. You must present a government-issued photo ID with your signature, the filled-out form for a driving abstract and the $9 or $10 fee. The fee is the same whether you mail your application or attend in person.