Colorado Stun Gun Laws

Stun guns, muggings
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While stun guns are not classified as a true firearm in Colorado, they still can be dangerous in untrained or irresponsible hands. A stun gun is defined as any device that temporarily immobilizes an individual through the application of electrical charges. They are a non-lethal method of subduing would-be criminals, especially in escalating physical confrontations.


Stun guns cannot be sold to, or be in the possession of, anyone under 18 years old. Also, anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony, is a fugitive from justice, is a drug user and addict or is an illegal alien is prohibited from the possession of a stun gun in Colorado. One does not need a license to carry a stun gun, unlike a true firearm. In any case wherein a stun gun is purchased in Colorado, it is the buyer's responsibility to certify that they are of legal age to buy and possess a stun gun. The seller will not be held responsible should the buyer be found to be breaking the law.

Civilian Use

Stun guns must only be used in training or self-defense. They must not be treated as toys since, even though they are deemed non-lethal, they can cause physical harm and exacerbate pre-existing medical problems, such as those with heart conditions. Stun guns are allowed as concealed protection devices on college campuses, such as at Colorado State University.

Criminal Use

Should a stun gun be used in any Colorado criminal activity, such as burglary or assault, the person or persons responsible will be convicted of a Class 5 felony. In Colorado, as of 2010, a Class 5 felony incurs a minimum sentence of one year imprisonment along with a $1,000 fine, and a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment and a $100,000 fine.