Colorado Pepper Spray Laws

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Colorado considers pepper spray a self-defense tool rather than a weapon (knife or gun). Therefore, the use of pepper spray for defense is permitted. While many other states have specific guidelines about the type and amount of spray allowed, Colorado does not, according to both Peacemaker pepper spray products and MIS Technologies. However, it is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws and regulations, so it is recommended that individuals check the laws frequently to avoid getting sued, incarcerated or subjected to fines.

Self Defense

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Colorado residents in fear of attack by another human or an animal may use pepper spray as a self-defense mechanism. Pepper spray is considered a non-lethal self-defense tool, not a weapon.


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Users of pepper spray do not have to inform their attacker that they are going to use the spray to defend themselves. Some individuals think informing the attacker that they're going to get sprayed will deter the attack, but it is not required.

Airlines and Government Buildings

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Pepper spray is not allowed on commercial airlines or in Colorado state and local government buildings. It is not permitted anywhere that has security checkpoints and is considered a federal offense.


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