How to Renew an Australian Passport in the USA

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For Australians currently in the U.S., looking to renew expired, or nearly expired, passports, there are several Australian Consulate-Generals located in the U.S. (as well as the Australian Embassy in Washington D.C.) that offer this service.

Renewal is an easy process if you qualify for the PC7 overseas renewal application. In order to qualify, your current passport must be with you, in good shape, and must not have expired more than two years ago. It must have also been issued with a validation period greater than two years and you must have been an adult at the time (over the age of 18).

A helpful how-to resource is offered by the Embassy of Australia, in Washington D.C. (See Resources).

Download the PC7 application form from the Embassy of Australia's website (See Resources).

Print the application and fill it out using a black ink pen. All of your personal details (name, address, etc.) must match those of the passport you are replacing. Write the date using the Australian date format (DD/MM/YY). Sign the form.

Secure an accepted form of payment.

Purchase a cashier's check (from a bank) or Postal Money Order (from a post office), made payable to "Australian Consulate-General," if you are renewing through a Consulate-General. Purchase a Postal Money Order, made payable to "Cashier, Embassy of Australia," if you are renewing through The Embassy.

Payment by Visa/MasterCard is accepted by The Embassy, the Consulate-General in New York and the Consulate-General in Los Angeles. Download a form for this method on the Embassy's website (See Resources).

Cost of passport renewal is subject to change and can be found on the Embassy's website (See Resources).

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Take a photo of yourself using a service that supplies "passport photos." Face square with the camera, maintain a neutral expression and remove all obstructions from your face (hat, shawl, dark glasses, hair, etc.).

Purchase the photos (two copies of the photo will be supplied when you buy the "passport photo" package).

Write your full name, in black ink, on the back of one of the photos. Do not attach photos to your application form, instead leave them unattached.

Check that you have adhered to all requirements using the Embassy website (See Resources).

Hand-deliver or mail-in your documents -- passport, application, payment and photos -- to the nearest Australian Consulate-General or Embassy, based on your location in the U.S. (See Resources).

If you renew by mail, mark your envelope "Attention of the Passports Office" and include a FedEx Airbill form with your documents. Get the Airbill form from a FedEx location. FedEx Airbill will take approximately 10 working days to deliver your passport.

If you hand-deliver your documents, you can pick them up yourself. Timing of passport completion will vary -- call ahead before you go.


  • Lodge your application in person (not by mail) if your passport was issued prior to August 20, 1986.
  • Apply for a new passport, using a PC8 application form, if your passport expired more than two years ago, your passport is no longer in your possession, you are changing your personal details, you are replacing a limited-validity passport (less than two years), or if your passport was issued to you when you were a minor.
  • Honorary Consuls in the U.S. (located in Denver, Houston) do not offer passport services.