How to File for a U.S. Virgin Islands Birth Certificate

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The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) are officially categorized as an unincorporated territory of the United States. The USVI are composed of the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Because it is a territory, the U.S. Virgin Islands follows U.S. vital record policies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists all the information needed for obtaining a USVI birth certificate.

Write a letter addressed to either the Department of Health in St. Croix or the Department of Health in St. Thomas. The Department of Health in St. Thomas processes birth certificate requests for St. Thomas and St. John.

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Include the following information in the letter: Full legal name of the person requesting the certificate. 2. The person's sex. 3. The parents' names of the person. Include the mother's maiden name. 3. The full date of birth. 4. The place of birth, with as much detail as possible, such as the city or town, and the name of the hospital, if possible. 4. The reason for the request. 5. If the request is being completed on behalf of another person, explain the relationship between the person writing the request and the person with the request. 6. Provide a phone number where the person can be reached during day time or business hours.

Send the letter to the appropriate Department of Health, with a money order for $15 made out to the "Department of Health." Personal checks aren't accepted.

Apply in person at either Department of Health, and pay $12 by money order for a certified birth certificate.

Pick up the certified copy of the birth certificate in person, or receive the birth certificate in the mail. Turnaround time generally is seven to 10 business days, but processing times vary.


  • Do not send cash in the mail. Processing fees may increase. Call 340-774-900, ext. 4685/4686 to confirm the most current fee before sending a money order.

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