How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in St. Lucia

A birth certificate is easy to obtain in St. Lucia if all required information is accessible by the applicant.
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Obtaining a birth certificate in St. Lucia is not difficult if you have all of the required information. All basic identification information about the person named on the birth certificate, his or her parents, and identification information about the person requesting the document needs to be filled out in full on the required government form by an adult. A simple search for a certificate is inexpensive, while a more detailed one may require extra fees.

Step 1

Access the online application for a vital record, which includes birth certificates, on the website for the government of St. Lucia at this address: . You must be 18 years old to request a birth certificate in St. Lucia.

Step 2

Fill in the applicant's name, address, contact information and relationship to the subject. You will also need a national identification number, and if you don't have one, you will need substitute identification, commonly a driver's license number.

Step 3

Write down the identification information for the person named on the birth certificate. Include first, middle and last names, sex, date and place of birth, and full names of the subject's parents.

Step 4

Request the number of birth certificates you would like; you may request only two at a time. Each copy costs $8.00. A record that requires an involved search is subject to higher fees to be determined when the search is complete.

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