How to Find a Lost Traffic Ticket

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A traffic ticket not only includes information pertaining to the actual violation, it also often includes the citation amount plus instructions and due dates for payments. If you have lost your traffic ticket, you will not have access to this information. Losing a traffic ticket is not uncommon. There are sometimes several agencies that will have a copy of the citation on record. It is important to remember where, or in what county, you received the ticket.

Contact either the county court that has jurisdiction in the county where the traffic ticket was issued, the infractions or traffic violations bureau in that state or the department of motor vehicles. For example, if you received a ticket in Los Angeles county, then contact the Los Angeles Superior Court's traffic violation division. In Connecticut, you would call the Centralized Infractions Bureau. In New York, contact the court to which the ticket is answerable, the Traffic Violations Bureau, or the DMV.

Inform the clerk or representative that you lost your traffic ticket. Provide the clerk with your name, driver's license number or vehicle license plate number and any other required information.

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Resolve the traffic ticket by either paying the fine, making a payment arrangement or asking the clerk for the citation number if you plan to challenge the citation in court.


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