How to Check the Status of a Speeding Ticket

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Step 1

Check the citation (speeding ticket) for the court contact information. Upon issuing the citation, some police officers will show you where on the ticket to contact. You can also query in person or by mail to the address listed on the citation. Try to have the citation number handy–this makes it easier for the court representative to locate your record.

Step 2

Contact your state judicial branch if you do not have the citation with the court contact information. You can access the contact information for your state judicial branch online. If the judicial court is unable to give you your speeding ticket status, it can let you know specifically where to contact.

Step 3

Contact your local department of motor vehicles office. Request a copy of your driving record, which should list any previous guilty pleas, guilty charges and infractions. Generally, a dismissed speeding ticket does not appear on your driving record.


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