How to Get an ID From the DMV With Only a Passport & a Tourist Visa

Many states require two current forms of identification prior to the issue of an I.D. card.
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The department of motor vehicles is the primary source for the issue of state identification cards. State I.D. cards usually are available to individuals who can prove current residency. In many states, this can be as simple providing a recent piece of addressed mail. The requirements also include two forms of valid identification that must be presented in the form of a number of documents. These documents may include military identification, out-of-state licenses or a current passport.

Step 1

Visit the department of motor vehicles. Check the local hours or operation. Many D.M.V. offices begin services as early as 6 a.m. Sometimes, a high early turnout will generate long wait times. There are no scheduled appointments available for the issue of identification cards at most offices.

Step 2

Take a number. Many DMV offices offer customers a numbered waiting system. The number tags may be generated by electronic machine, or may be dispensed via plastic container.

Step 3

Present two forms of identification and proof of residency. If you are seeking an initial identification card, you must present at a minimum two forms of identification. Most DMV offices also require proof of state residency by asking customers to provide a document indicating an assigned in-state address. The forms of identification may vary from state-to-state; the most widely accepted identification types include military identification cards, out-of-state driver's licenses, passports and college identification cards. Military orders, green cards and work-related visas are also widely accepted as secondary form of identification. In the case of foreign nationals who may possess only a passport and tourist visa, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in your state may issue an I-94W. The I-94W or Non-Immigrant Visa Waiver Arrival/Departure Form is issued to foreign nationals for a number of reasons. Many DMV offices accept this form along with a valid passport for identification card purposes.

Step 4

Fill out the identification application. Some states require the completion of an application prior to the issue of a state I.D. card. You may be able to complete this application online via the department of licensing website, with an in-person followup at a local DMV location.

Step 5

Take a photo. While at the DMV, you will be required to take a photograph for identification purposes. The identification card will be mailed to the address of record recorded in the DMV database or given to you after the card is complete on location. You must ensure that this information is up-to-date to avoid the return of the I.D. card to the DMV office.

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