How to View Free Public Records for Alabama

A public record consists of information that is required to be documented by government agencies such as local, state and federal courts and is viewable to the public. Whether you would like to look up a criminal or civil court record or a property record in Alabama, there are a few different ways to find the records that you would like to view. Some sources may have a charge to view public records, but if you search correctly, there should not be a charge.

Go to one of the public records websites for Alabama such as “Public Record Center for Alabama” or “Alabama Free Public Records Directory” to view the records. Enter the information pertaining to the record and the county you are looking for and the websites will be able to help you find the record. Be careful, though, as some sites have tricky advertising on their pages that will provide the search for you for a charge. Public records are always free so you should never pay for your information.

Visit the county’s Clerk of Court’s office to view the record. You may have to wait for the information to be gathered but there is no charge to view the record. However, there may be charges to make copies of the record. Clerk of Courts offices are able to provide you with criminal and civil court records.

Visit the county Tax Collector’s office to view property records. There is no charge to view the record but there may be a charge to make copies of it.


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