How to Do a Free Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check can tell you a lot about a person – their character, how responsible they are, and if they are suitable for employment or a relationship, for example. Unfortunately, comprehensive criminal background checks can be extremely costly, especially if you need to conduct background checks on multiple individuals on a regular basis. You can also look into an individual's criminal history for free, minus nominal search and copying fees, but these methods are extremely time-consuming. However, the advent of deep-web search engines, along with the growing access to public records online, has made free criminal background checks possible.

Compile personal information about the individual on whom you wish to do a free criminal background check. For most criminal background searches, a first and last name and state of residence is enough to perform a search. Additional information, like date of birth and/or age, driver's license number, or city of residence can help you narrow down search results if you find more than one individual's criminal background and need to determine which records are relevant to your search.

Visit a deep-web search engine that specifically focuses on compiling public records., and both provide free criminal background checks to consumers, and you can find other, similar services by using your favorite search engine.

Type in the full name and state of the individual you are researching and begin your search. Narrow down your results using any additional personal information you have on hand. When you have located the person you are looking for, look specifically for criminal records, arrest records, court matters, and other similarly titled items listed under "public records." From here, you can review each incident; see any charges that were filed, the outcome of the case, and sentencing for each conviction.


  • Check your state and local laws before performing a criminal background check on someone without their permission. Some states may require written permission from the individual on whom you want to do a background check on before you may legally do so. The person you are researching will not know you have reviewed his criminal history when utilizing deep-web search engines.


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