How to Find Out If You Have Traffic Tickets in Texas

Man calling county court with copy of traffic ticket
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Finding out if you owe any traffic tickets in Texas is important to maintain your driving privileges. If you have unpaid tickets, the state of Texas will suspend your driving privileges and not allow you to renew your Texas driver's license until you resolve your ticket. If your ticket is recent, you are most likely to locate your ticket in the jurisdiction that issued the ticket. If your ticket has been outstanding for a long period, you may locate your ticket through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Call the County Court

Call the county court in which you received the ticket. If you have a copy of the ticket, call the court listed on the top of your ticket. If you do not, search the Texas Office of Court Administration Directory for the address or phone number of the court. Speak to the clerk and inquire whether you have a traffic ticket. The clerk will be able to give you the information about when the ticket is due and when you must appear before the court.

Search the Failure to Appear Database

Search the Failure to Appear Failure to Pay Program database. If you do not appear in court for your traffic ticket or fail to pay the ticket, your name is entered into the database. You must enter your driver's license number and date of birth into the database. Call the Municipal Services Bureau at 800-688-6882 with any questions or to set up a payment installment agreement.

Hire an Attorney

Hire an attorney that specializes in Texas traffic tickets to help you locate any outstanding tickets. The attorney will be able to assist you with setting up a payment installment or give you any additional advice to lawfully handle your ticket.