How to Find Out If You Have Warrants in Texas

Texas Legal System
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To find out if you have a warrant in Texas you can search county and sheriff's websites for all warrants that have been filed in those jurisdictions. Keep in mind that being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction can lead to your arrest if the law enforcement officer finds an active warrant.

Types of Texas Warrants

There are two types of warrants issued by Texas court: bench warrants and arrest warrants. A bench warrant is issued when a judge finds you in contempt of court or otherwise having failed a legal obligation such as failure to pay child support. An arrest warrant is issued if you are suspected of a crime. Arrest warrants are not arbitrarily issued; a grand jury reviews initial evidence with the warrant issued based on reasonable cause.

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Search by County

The Texas Association of Counties lists the websites for each county in the state. To check for warrants on a county website, click on the county and search the site for warrant information. The websites for each jurisdiction are set up by each county, meaning that there will be differing approaches and capabilities when searching for warrants. For example, the Dallas County website has a page dedicated to doing warrant searches. There are also county websites that offer no warrant information at all. For example, the Stonewall County website provides contact information for the sheriff’s office, but does not provide warrant information.

Search by County Sheriff’s Office

Like the websites set up for each county, sheriff’s office websites have a wide variance in the amount of information that can be found regarding active warrants. For example, the Harris County Sheriff’s website, which covers Houston, has a page dedicated to providing information on warrants. Information can found based on a person’s first/last name and date of birth. On the other hand, some counties don't have a sheriff's website at all.

Other Warrant Research

If the county sheriff's website is not very helpful, there are many online warrant information is available through public records searches. There may be free or paid searches.

You can also call or go directly to the sheriff's department to inquire about warrants you believe were issued for you. If you suspect identity theft, finding out if there are warrants against you quickly is essential. Openly dealing with the courts is your best course of action. If you are suspected of a crime, it is advisable to get legal consultation to properly address an arrest warrant and the underlying suspected crimes.


  • If warrant information can't be found online, call the sheriff's office in the county where the warrant was issued.