How to Clear a Driving Record in Texas

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Summarizes the steps for clearing a driving record in Texas, including where to obtain a copy of your record and requesting permission from the court.

Texas imposes some fairly harsh penalties for moving violations in the state. Officers in many areas in Texas pull motorists over for as little as one mile over the speed limit, and the fines for speeding and other moving violations can run more than $200. Even worse, if you have three or more moving violations, you will have to pay a hefty surcharge each year until the points drop off your record. It makes sense to keep your record clear.

Get a Copy of Your Driving Record

Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and obtain a copy of your driving record. Make sure that it is a certified copy.

Go To Traffic School

Take a defensive driving course that is certified with the Texas State Department of Public Safety. There are many possible ways to take this course, including online.

Arrange a Court Hearing

Bring the certificate from the defensive driving course, your driver's license, and your driving record to your local Texas Department of Public Safety and arrange for a court date.

Make Your Case

Attend the court date with your documents and request permission to have your violations cleared from your record.


  • The defensive driving courses are for moving violations only. DUI and DWI offenses carry criminal penalties, and these cannot be erased from your record.



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