How to Make a Gift Affidavit

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Gift Affidavit Forms

In many cases, it is unnecessary to create a gift affidavit from scratch because a form already exists, especially for transactions that routinely require such documents. For example, gift affidavits are commonly used to prove the transfer of a car's ownership. As a result, several states, such as Tennessee, Minnesota and Texas, have a special gift affidavit form available for those gifting a vehicle. Although forms may vary among states, common information requested includes buyer and seller information such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, driver's license numbers, signatures, as well as vehicle details like the VIN number, year, make and model. You simply fill in the required information. In Missouri, a special gift affidavit form is not required. You can simply provide the new vehicle owner with a written statement indicating that the vehicle was a gift and write the word "gift" in the sale price area of the title.

Drafting a Gift Affidavit

For situations in which a form is not available, a simple one-page letter is usually sufficient. The basic information required typically includes the name and address of the giver and recipient, the property given and the giver's signature. It might also have to include additional information such as whether the gift is of an ongoing nature. The letter may require notarization, depending on its purpose.


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