How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Georgia

By Pete Campbell
The Georgia court system allows speeding tickets to be contested.

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So you've been pulled over by a Georgia law enforcement officer and now have a speeding ticket in your hand that could drain your wallet and put points on your license. However, it's possible to fight the speeding ticket in the Georgia court system. If you can make your case, you just might be able to get the ticket expunged and walk out home-free.

Read the speeding ticket to see when you're due to appear in court to enter a plea for it.

Appear in court on the day specified. The judge will ask you to enter a plea on the ticket, If you wish to contest it, plead not guilty. A future court date to consider the ticket will be set. If you wish to avoid the arraignment, it may be possible to submit a not-guilty plea by fax or mail. Check with the specific court to see if this is an option.

Appear in court on the next established court date. Come prepared to make your case for why you are not guilty of a speeding infraction. The officer who wrote the ticket also will testify as to why he wrote the ticket.

Argue before the court that the ticket given is either incorrect, invalid or was given improperly. A common approach is to examine the ticket for typographical or factual errors. Highlight before the court any errors found and ask for the ticket to be declared invalid.

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