How to Locate Florida State Prison Inmates

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Trying to track someone down in Florida you think might be in prison? It's easy to locate a Florida state prison inmate. All you have to do is carry out a Florida state prison search using the individual's basic information. The Florida Department of Corrections inmate search facility is available online, meaning you can search the 96,000-plus inmates at any time of the day or night.

Visit Florida Department of Corrections Website

From the Florida Department of Corrections website home page, select "Offender Search" on the top navigation bar, then choose "Inmate Population Information Search" from the options.

Enter Prisoner's Identifying Information

You need to provide only one piece of information to perform the search, but enter as much information about the inmate as possible to ensure the most accurate results. If you can, provide the first name, last name and DC number, an identification number assigned to each inmate by the department. You can tick the box if you also wish to search aliases. If this box is not ticked, only committed names are searched.

To carry out an advanced search, narrow the criteria by race, sex, height, body weight and eye color.

Choose Offense Category

Specify an offense category from the list provided, holding down the CTRL key while clicking on categories to choose more than one category. Do the same with county of commitment and current location.

You can choose to see only offenders who have photographs, or to hide photographs on the Offender List page (photographs will still appear on the Offender Detail page).

Get Florida State Prison Search Results

When you've provided as much information as possible, click "Submit Request" to generate the results of your FL State prison inmate search. The search results appear in alphabetical order and include the inmate's name, DC number, race, sex, release date, current facility and birth date.

Click on any inmate's name or number to see detailed information, including offense information, sentence history, aliases and physical characteristics. The inmate's photograph, if there is one, also appears on this page.


  • Other searches available on the Florida Department of Corrections website under the "Offender Search" tab are an Inmate Release Information Search, an Inmate Escape Information Search, a Supervised Population Information Search and an Absconder/Fugitive Information Search.

    You can choose to search all of these databases simultaneously, but you can only search by criteria common to all databases. For example, the search criteria "Warrant as of Date" is included in the Absconder/Fugitive Information Search, but no other database.