How do I Find House Ownership Details in Australia?

To find out about ownership of a house in Australia, contact the state.
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If you are considering buying property in Australia and want to know a bit of history about the ownership, you need to know which state or territory the house is in. Australia is divided into many large territories. The states are governed separately, like in the United States, and each have their own way of doing things.

Look online to find the land management organization for the territory or state in Australia where the house and property is located. On the mainland, there are five states and one territory, while off the coast are many more territories and the state of Tasmania. Property management entities, which keep copies of deeds and title registry, include New South Wales Land and Property Management Authority and the South Australia Land Services Group. Contact the appropriate land management agency.

Request information on the address in which you are interested. Search online records when available. Some sites allow access to online data bases, where you can enter your information and look through the deeds.

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Pay the applicable fees. Access to databases and requests for searches are not always free. If you just want the name of the owner, you might not be charged. But if you need a copy of the document, you usually have to pay.

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